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Interesting Personal Links

Diane Tesler, Artist

St Roman Candles

Dean Smith Music

Broad Run Vineyards   (Great wine!)

Hidden Hollow Orchard   (Good apples!)

Kentucky Gallery

Otter Creek Park

Bed and Breakfast Inns

Bed And Breakfast Inns   -  Online Directory   

The Bennett House - Richmond, Kentucky

Doubling Hills Inn   -   Rochester, New York

Old Kentucky Home Stables and Bed and Breakfast  -  Cox's Creek, Kentucky

Celestial Observatories and Photography

The Complete Astronomy Resource Guide

Half Moon Observatory

Cave, Celestial, and Nature Photographs - Chris & Teresa Anderson

Shooting Star Images - Kelly Werner

Intersex Information

Every year in the United States, around 40,000 persons are born with some type of intersex condition.
These sites will educate and explain with the hope that the emotional pain that is so often associated
with these conditions may be eased by removing the shroud of secrecy.

Bodies Like Ours

Intersex Society of North America

Survey of Infant Sex Assignment Surgery

Transgender Information

Dr Becky Allison - Cardiologist

J. Michael Bailey - Professor Northwestern University

Lynn Conway - Professor Emeritus

Dr Anne Lawrence - TS Resources

Dr Anne Vitale

Here are two reference links to booklets published by the Dumbarton United Methodist Church for those
who may hold some concern that their religion may conflict with gay, lesbian, or transgender issues:

Made in God's Image

God Loves Each One

It has been noted that another church has recently shown leadership in its position of welcoming all
who pass through their doors.  I am proud to include links to their sites as they clearly demonstrate the
principles for which Christ stood.

The United Church of Christ

God is Still Speaking,

Information on a new full length documentary:

For the Bible Tells Me So  -  Opening in Louisville on December 7, 2007 at the Apex Village 8 Theaters