Some Photographs from Mississippi
After Hurricane Katrina
Photographs taken by VMAT2 team members

Typical streets near the Coast.

Many houses were simply GONE!

Where we slept on the sidewalk for the first couple of nights.

VMAT-2 Field Hospital in Gulfport . . . . built in less than one day!

When you need to have a sign in less than an hour and nothing is open?
Black plastic, duct tape, and imagination is all you need!!

Treating an injured patient.

I am SO PROUD of my team!!! 

On 30 September I was redeployed, this time to Louisiana
where we assisted in animal sheltering operations.
I only have one picture from New Orleans.
This was taken at the Jackson Square "Tent City".
This is my sister BB St Roman who weathered out the storm.
I am very proud of her, too!